Hello this is John Glover. Please  share this  with every citizen of Nigeria and you all
should follow up and remind the President to honor this request made by the
constituents/citizens that voted him to be President.

To: President Goodluck Jonathan  and all the other Black Heads of Governments

From:John Glover

Date 10/23/2014

Hello this is John Glover.

We are writing and calling on behalf of your constituents/citizens who are concerned
that you have not incorporated a discovery that has made  Africa and the Black
Race #1 ((see
Gauss Year 2005 week 26 that declares Professor G. Oyibo the
greatest Mathematician of all time or attachment and
Could Oyibo's be the greatest
discovery ever? and Physics Professor Dasgupta (India) concludes that Professor
G. Oyibo is closer to GOD, than any other human being because of GAGUT
discovery.) called the GOD ALMIGHTY’S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM nicknamed
GAGUT Gij,j=0, into your education systems to protect lives of your citizens. They
are calling on you to urgently  introduce GAGUT into their education systems as well
as provide them with funds to attend the GAGUT Briefings due to their belief that
you have been elected to use GAGUT as a tool for protecting and improving the
quality of their lives (see the attached
Life Liberty and Pursuit Of Happiness LLPOH
document saying “Will G. A. Oyibo issues influence the US Presidential elections”).
Your constituents/citizens also believe that a GAGUTICAL Education would have
provided harmony and stronger internal cohesion amongst Humanity and would
have prevented the unnecessary killings of unarmed citizens like Michael Brown
(Missouri), Trayvon Martin (Florida), Sean Bell (New York), and countless others
across the USA and other nations as well as the heavy death tolls from wars, hunger
and diseases globally due to the failure of the current NON GAGUTICAL education,
to teach Police Officer Darren Wilson and others that lives of these martyrs who are
Black are not only valuable but very precious because their race have contributed
extremely significantly towards making human survival on this planet a reality as well
as making Africa and the Black Race #1 (  as can be seen in the Gauss Year 2005
link above, where without GAGUT (a Revelation from GOD through a Black Man
Professor G. A. Oyibo) Russia would have been #1, USA would have shared the #7
position at week 19 and Africa would NOT have been represented.

Your constituents are also becoming aware that Mathematical definition of life which
has eluded humanity until it was revealed by GOD through GAGUT, which led to
establishment of GAGUTICAL Medicine, has led to the formulation of a lifesaver
procedure known as GAGUT DISTILLED WATER THERAPY which has been
recently verified by medical scientists to be capable of curing Ebola,  when an Ebola
patient, who is a medical doctor named Dr. Ada Igonoh was cured of Ebola using the
GAGUT DISTILLED WATER THERAPY and who testified  , “....I always had to drink
a lot of water... to prevent the dehydration and that was really it (GAGUT DISTILLED
WATER THERAPY cure for Ebola)... i wasn’t given experimental drugs or blood
transfusions and no other medication was given”, an outbreak of which is
threatening human existence currently. See the following Links
Here and Here .The
GAGUT DISTILLED WATER THERAPY has also contributed to Global Economy
(including USA) by creating the demand for Distilled Water in the supermarkets

Your constituents/citizens making this call on you include those that are Professors,
Staff and Students of
Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(MIT) and Goettingen University to name a few world class Universities (see
attachment) as well as Professors, Staff and Students  from Universities in your own
countries in Africa and other Black countries worldwide.  .  They also include your
students in the K-12 who are making the call on Instagram like Miss Beautiful who
LIFE IS ABOUT...” ( as well as a legendary
Rapper KRS ONE  who is very popular with this age group of your constituents

They further include all of your constituents/citizens who are scared that Russia,
which was forced to be ranked #2 in the world by GAGUT putting Africa and the
Black Race #1 is now using the same GAGUT, discovered by an  African, to defeat
and prevail over Africans and the Black Race, by using the GAGUT SINGULAR
ELEMENT DISCOVERY (GSELD) to build superior Nuclear Arsenal, that makes
other Global Nuclear Arsenals obsolete

Let us avoid a replay of the Relativity experience where the discovery of Relativity
which happened in Germany was used by the USA to defeat and prevail over

This is why we are calling on you on behalf of your constituents/citizens to urgently
honor their  above stated  requests including assisting them to attend the GAGUT
Briefings as well as sending your Government Delegation to attend the GAGUT
Briefing which would begin the process  of implementing the GAGUT DISTILLED
WATER THERAPY  to eradicate  and keep Africa and the Black Race Free of Ebola

which used  the GAGUT DISTILLED WATER THERAPY has been certified
by the WHO:World Health Organization as being Ebola Free  see the following link
WHO: Nigeria's Ebola outbreak is officially over)  and we are ready to help you
begin the process. You can call us at (631)-242-3069. GOD bless you.

John Glover