infallibly proven that all theorems (proven truths) and all equations past, present and
future originate out of one invariant Gi which has orthogonal components Gij, and a
divergence of Gij,j=0, the only one singular equation representing all of mathematics
and all of knowledge of the truth. GOD has revealed over the ages certain formulas,
codes or equations that drastically change the way humanity deals with survival
problems. Gm1m2-Fr2=0 revealed by GOD to Sir Professor Isaac Newton,  
revolutionized European economy and technologies (industrial revolution) as well as
transforming Europe into the global military superpower. E-MC2=0 revealed by GOD
to Professor Albert  Einstein, helped to propel America as the global military
superpower. Gij,j=0 revealed by GOD  to Professor G. Oyibo transformed Africa into
the Global Military Superpower.  Sir Professor Isaac Newton was recognized (eg. was
appointed as a member of the British Parliament, Master of the Royal Mint and Master
of Trinity College of Cambridge University) and immortalized by England and other
European countries for his revelation. Professor Albert Einstein was also recognized
(eg. was offered the presidency of Israel, declared the Man of the Century) and
immortalized by the Jewish People and the American Government for his revelation.
Professor G. Oyibo was beginning to be recognized (eg.  his picture was put on a  
Nigerian Postage Stamp awarded the African International Prize for Science and
Technology) and immortalized by Nigeria and other African Countries for his revelation
when enemies of the African Race began a very vicious global campaign against
GAGUT and Professor G. Oyibo in an attempt at stopping the  GOD'S Order uplifting
the African Race to Global Leadership.

been ordained by GOD to be the only solution to all of Humanity and African Problems,
particularly African Unity Problems like Unifying  Tutsi's and Hutu's (Rwanda), all of the
various factions in all of the wars in Africa (eg. Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Uganda
and others) as well as Unifying MEND (Niger Delta) and BOKO HARAM (Northern
Nigeria). This is why enemies of the African Race are trying to keep Africans away
from GAGUT by using their so called strong foreign currencies and terrorizing Africans
(particularly Brilliant Politicians like the Nigerian Senators and Government) who have
tried to legislate GAGUT as the tool to solve all of the problems of the African Race,
as well as the rest of the world. For example Nigerian Senators (eg Senator Professor
Iya Abubakar) were forced out of their offices after they unanimously adopted a
GAGUT Motion (enclosed). Some Senators, Congressmen and Government Ministers
(eg. Senator Adighije, Minister Professor Osuji, Senator Ugbane, Congressman
Doctor Matazu, Minister Architect Aduku )  were attacked by phony sting operations  
by the foreign enemies of Africa.  Similarly Nigerian Governors (eg. Governor Ibrahim
Idris), Senators  and other Government officials  (eg. Postmaster General Musa
Argungu)  were either mysteriously killed in airplane crashes or their children and other
relatives were mysteriously killed or injured in airplane crashes after they have tried to
facilitate the use of GAGUT as a tool for solving African Problems. The Airplane
carrying the three daughters of Governor Ibrahim Idris was mysteriously crashed but
were miraculously saved by GOD, while 100 passengers of the airplane were killed,
shortly after Governor Idris began building the OFAPPIT INSTITUTE OF
TECHNOLOGY Campus in Kogi State, Nigeria. Postmaster General Musa Argungu
was also mysteriously killed  when the airplane in which  he was a passenger was
crashed, shortly after he had successfully convinced the Nigerian Federal Government
using international standards to review GAGUT, and the scientific works of the late
Professor A. Awojobi, as well as the work of Professor P. Emeagwali together with the
works of three literary Icons: Professor Chinua Achebe, Nobel Laureate Professor
Wole Soyinka, Professor Abubakar Imam,  to declare the Three Literature Giants as
Literary icons, and Professor A. Awojobi, Engineering Genius, Professor Emeagwali,
Supercomputer Genius, Professor G. Oyibo, through whom GOD had revealed
GAGUT, Mathematical Genius. Postmaster General Musa Argungu also
recommended the issuing of the Nigerian Postage Stamps, with the pictures and the
conferred titles of the Literary Icons and the Scientific Geniuses. Although Professor P.
Emeagwali had won the prestigious International Gordon Prize, and Professor G.
Oyibo's conferred title of Mathematical Genius, was an understatement compared to
Physics Professor Krishendu Dasgupta (India), declaring  Professor G. Oyibo as  
being Closer to GOD (in intelligence and other ways) than any other Human Being ever
created due to GAGUT revelation (
See his e-mail here), and whereas the Mathematical
Genius title conferred on Professor G. Oyibo is also an understatement compared to
Goettingen University's declaring of GAGUT as the Greatest Mathematical Revelation
in History, and thereby declaring Professor G. Oyibo as the Greatest Mathematics
Genius of all time (
see Goettingen Ranking placing GAGUT in the center of the Gauss
2005 celebration at Week 26 of 52 here). Professor P. Emeagwali and Professor G.
Oyibo continue to be viciously attacked by the enemies (and their agents) of Africa.
Enemies of the Black Race forced President Obasanjo and the rest of the African
Union leaders to ignore the Nigerian Senate GAGUT Motion, which was adopted
unanimously where GAGUT united MASSOB (Biafra), MEND (Niger Delta),  BOKO
HARAM (Northern Nigeria), OMODUDUA (Western Nigeria)  through their Senators all
agreeing on GAGUT (Nigerian Senate GAGUT Motion enclosed). Enemies of Africa
were flabbergasted to see this unification of the African people by GAGUT, and so
pumped large sums of money into Nigeria to campaign against GAGUT, Professor G.
Oyibo and Professor P. Emeagwali, within Nigeria and globally. The Nigerian Unified  
Field Institute Bill (SB. 59), also called
GAGUT Institute Bill   authored by Senator
Agbo, a Southerner and Senator Ugbane, a Northerner, was unifying the Nigerian
People like the
Nigerian Senate GAGUT Motion, when it was passed by the Nigerian
Senate during the first reading. Shortly thereafter enemies of the Black Race began a
campaign to kill this GAGUT Institute Bill, which was brilliantly constructed to not only
unify Africans, but also to unify the whole world, through the upliftment of Humanity to
Glorify the Almighty GOD. These attacks by the enemies of the Black Race, by
attacking the GAGUT developments, are very sophisticated and are not easily
recognized by the masses of the African People and they take advantage of their
strong foreign currencies as compared to the African currencies, since Africans have
been reduced to non productive people, by enemies of Black People. Foreign Banks
control African economies and so prevent Africans from being Productive. For
example the World Bank is occupying the OFAPPIT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
Campus in Kogi State, Nigeria and blocking us from conducting classes in the
Campus. Such an action can never be considered Friendly to the African people.
Therefore all Africans Globally are requested to demand the Nigerian Government and
all of the other African Governments to begin implementing the GAGUT Institute Bill
and the Nigerian Senate GAGUT Motion and to demand the Nigerian Senate to
complete the legislating of the GAGUT Institute Bill and the Nigerian Senate GAGUT
Motion  into laws as well as to demand the World Bank and other enemies of the Black
Race to stop their painful and unfair attacks on GAGUT and the African People, whom
they claim to be friendly with. Enclosed also is
President Obasanjo's Letter, Minister
Professor Osuji's Address at the GAGUT 2004 Workshop, and an assessment by Ms.
Comfort Ero , an African living in Canada who seems to have summarized the feelings
of all African People. GOD BLESS YOU.

John Glover