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GAGUT is being studied in a Physics Department which is an academic home to a famous Nobel Prize Winner in Physics called Professor Steven Weinberg and a famous Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry called Professor Ilya Prigogine. This Physics Department is located in the University of Texas at Austin. GAGUT is being studied in one of their courses called Physics 341 taught by Professor Rory Coker. We congratulate Professor Coker for introducing GAGUT in this course. GAGUT as an absolutely correct or exact science, can be taught or studied in any discipline or subject sub-heading. The German professors of the Göttingen University, the Harvard of Germany and the home of one of the three greatest mathematicians of all time, Fredrich Karl Gauss have recently cited GAGUT as a top development in mathematics. The legendary mathematician was honored by featuring a specialized group of selected Mathematics works in the Gauss 2005 celebration. The selected works include that of the legendary David Hilbert, (Hilbert Space in Mathematics), who competed with Einstein in the development of the general relativity theory as well as works of Sir Michael Atiyah, a Field Medal winner (Nobel Prize equivalent in Mathematics) in 1966 and former Master (President) of Trinity College of Cambridge University, also considered one of the greatest mathematicians alive, as well as works by other mathematics luminaries. Professor Gabriel A. Oyibo’s book on GAGUT, is one of the thirteen books that have been selected to honor Fredrich K. Gauss.

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Archives 2005 1/13 27/30

NR. 26 Gabriel A. Oyibo: Grand unified theorem…

NR. 25 Luchezar L Avramov: Trend into commutative algebra

NR. 24 David Hilbert: Knowledge and mathematical thinking

NR. 23 Alexey Viktorovic Bolsinov and Anatolij T. Fomenko: Integrable Hamiltonian of system

NR. 22 Herbert Pieper: Network of the knowledge and diplomacy of doing good ? citizen of Berlin mathematics…

NR. 21 Robert Hardt: Six of themes on variation

NR. 20 Franz Xaver Lutz: A mathematical art book…

NR. 19 Sir Michael Atiyah and Daniel Iagolnitzer: Fields medallists ’ lectures

NR. 18 Michael Atiyah: Collected works

NR. 17 Alain Connes and Matilde Marcolli: From physics tons of NUMBERS theory via noncommutative geometry NR.

16 Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng: 103 trigonometry problem ? from the training OF the the USA IMO team

NR. 15 Yaakov Friedman: Physical applications OF homogeneous ball

NR. 14 Ovidiu Calin and the Chen Chang: Geometric mechanics on Riemannian manifolds

GAUSS 2005 selected and featured GAGUT, along with the work of Professors David Hilbert and Sir Michael Atiyah, to honor one of the greatest mathematicians of all time,. Professor Atiyah was not only a colleague of Professor Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, but also split Newton’s titles at Cambridge with Professor Hawking. Newton held the titles of Master of Trinity College and the Lucasian professor at Cambridge University. Professor Atiyah held the position of Master of Trinity College and Professor Hawking has the Lucasian professorship. Furthermore, the research work of Professor Atiyah which is featured on Gauss 2005 had earned him a Field Medal and the Abel Prize, each of which is equivalent to the Nobel Prize. Professor Atiyah’s work also is known to have applications to String Theory. Therefore, it is clear that Professors Atiyah and Hawking are on a comparable ranking academically. One can then see that since GAGUT is ranked in the same class as Professor Atiyah’s work by GAUSS 2005, GAGUT is therefore being classified in the highest academic research ranking. All universities and higher institutions of learning across the globe are requested to start studying GAGUT since it is the mother of all correct sciences. African and other countries that are not usually involved in the state of the art scientific research activities are particularly encouraged to start engaging GAGUT as soon as possible. The whole world is invited to attend the GAGUT workshops every semester and during the summer to learn the GAGUT revolution of the whole human knowledge. The next time GAGUT workshop is scheduled is in the Spring of 2007, from Monday March 16, 2007 to Friday March 20, 2007. You can call USA, (631)-242-3069 for registration. GOD bless you.

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