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Press Release; 10/1/2015


GOD ALMIGHTY'S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM Nicknamed GAGUT Gij,j=0, recognized as the ultimate revelation
from GOD, has been heavily censored since it was revealed in 1990. That censorship has been spearheaded by
Jim Crow and other institutions that hate Black People. Jim Crow and its Allies perpetrated that censorship by
intimidating and bribing Media and other institutions Globally. This intimidation and bribery includes threats of
withdrawals of advertisement funds for media and other institutions that includes universities and other educational
institutions. That Censorship became one of their primary techniques to ignore the GAGUT revelation, and hoping
that such a strategy can help them erase GAGUT from Humanity's memory, so they can claim the credit for GAGUT
eventually. That unfortunate strategy has led to the loss of millions of lives globally. GOD has ordered that evil
strategy eliminated urgently, since the GOD'S ORDER which has been suppressed for over 25 centuries was
updated by GOD during the 1990 by GOD Ordaining a Black Man Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo with the ultimate
intelligence Eta sub infinity infallibly, where Eta sub n exactly represents intelligence, and “n” the level of intelligence
which GOD designed for Prof. G. Oyibo “n” to be Infinity, hence eta sub infinity. Since Black People share the same
genes as Prof. G. Oyibo, GOD has now re-ordained the Black Race to be the Most Intelligent, Richest and
Undefeatable Race. This is how GOD recalled the Black Race back to Global and Universal Leadership.

This GAGUT Lifesaving Briefing is also part of our mourning in memory of Professor G. Oyibo's Mother, Mrs.
Hadisatu Okumaji Oyibo, Sandra Bland, Sgt. James Brown, Terrell Day, Jeremy McDole, Trayvon Martin and all of
the other who recently transformed on due to lynchings or other  types of Jim Crow Terrorism which GOD has
ordered to stop by ordering us to erect GAGUT Monuments that say "never again" like the Jewish Holocaust was
ended by E=Mc2 Monuments which say "never again".


Trayvon Martin's killer George Zimmerman is loudly bragging about lynching him by distribution pictures of Trayvon
Martin  all over the internet which we consider to be a vicious disrespect of GOD Almighty and GOD's chosen
people (not people to be lynched) revealed to be the Black People through GAGUT.


We are inviting you to lead a delegation of a 100 or more people to participate in our 25th Anniversary (1990-2015)
of the revelation of the GOD ALMIGHTY'S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM nicknamed GAGUT Gij,j=0 through
Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo, Chairman of the Department of Mathematics, OFAPPIT INSTITUTE OF
TECHNOLOGY, which takes place on  December 28, 2015 at the Hauppauge Holiday Inn in Hauppauge New York.

To Register for the GAGUT 25th Anniversary Lifesaver Briefing please click here on this
Link OR www.paypal.

It is extremely easy to register for the GAGUT 25th Anniversary Briefing throught the Paypal link above. For go
getters they can full register for themselves for 550USD and they will get a GAGUT Book for themself. For those
who may not have the full 550USD, we are here to tell you how to convert the superior intelligence that GOD has
blessed the Black Race with into the inferior Jim Crow Dollar. If you have 55USD we will pair you up with ten others
who have 55USD each and the Ten of you will be registered as a group of Ten and you will share a GAGUT Book
together.If you have even 1USD which every Black Person can afford, we will pair you up with 549 others who have
1USD each and the 550 of you will be registered as a group of  550 and you will share a GAGUT Book together. It
is extremely easy for everyone to register for the GAGUT 25th Anniversary Briefing using this unity concept which
comes out of the GAGUT Each One Reach Many Program.

The 25th Anniversary,  among other things takes a look at what GOD has done with the Black Race and the rest of
Humanity since 1990 through GAGUT. One particular focus of the Anniversary is the GAGUT Lifesaving Briefing
that presents the GOD Order calling on the Black Race to retake control of their lives again and to provide
leadership to Humanity Globally. The 25th Anniversary urges the Black Race to obey the GOD Order requiring the
Black Race to erect monuments of the  GOD ALMIGHTY'S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM nicknamed GAGUT Gij,j=0
particularly because  Einstein's E=Mc2 equation which is 1 equation out of the infinite number of Equations that are
contained within GAGUT Gij,j=0, has had a monument erected in Berlin  in honor of that Equation as you can see


Use your consumer power individually and collectively to demand every radio station to do programs on GAGUT.
Here is the video of the GAGUT presentation which clearly proves that E=Mc2 originated from GAGUT Gij,j=0 (go to
1 09 54)


Here is a link to the Monument of E=Mc2  in Berlin


Since E=Mc2 is a very very very small subset of Gij,j=0 and the previous video proves that Gij,j=0 is the origin of
E=Mc2This proves that Gij,j=0 qualifies for infinite number of monuments in
every city and city hall in the world which requires your urgent action to demand every government and its leaders
to erect such monuments immediately. Forward this e-mail to every person that you know or has an e-mail account  
You can Call us at 631-242-3069 to register or to ask questions. GOD bless you.

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