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PRESS RELEASE 4/23/2010:


GOD has been defined through GAGUT as one unbounded space of
intelligence that we call the universe, which can’t expand and IS therefore
the only true RULER OF THE UNIVERSE.

GOD has been defined through GAGUT as one unbounded space of
intelligence that we call the universe, which can’t expand and IS therefore
the only true RULER OF THE UNIVERSE. Jim Crowism is a belief that
Europeans are the most intelligent race and hence qualify to represent
GOD as the symbolic rulers of the universe, which was re enforced by Sir
Professor Isaac Newton’s discovery of the Universal Gravitation Law
Gm1m2-Fr2=0 in the 1600’s.  This Newton’s Formula helped europe to
establish the Industrial Revolution, with which they developed a military
power to propagate and protect Jim Crowism Globally. Sir Professor
Newton was rewarded with a knighthood, Master of the Royal Mint and
Master of Trinity College and the Lucasian Professorship, both at
Cambridge University, for his formula.  The propagation, protection and
perpetuation of Jim Crowism led to the colonizations and establishment of
inferior education systems like the HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and
Universities) which are equivalents of other colonial inferior education
systems for the Black Race and other non european races globally, to
ensure that blacks and other non europeans never equal or surpass
europeans in education or any other ways. The Black Administration,
Students and Professors of HBCU’s, the Colonial Schools and Universities
in Africa and other African Diaspora are paid or supported to enforce the
Jim Crowist inferior curriculum and are fired or expelled or given failing
grades or even have their lives threatened if they deviate from the Jim
Crow curriculum, as it was documented in the United States, where Black
People who tried to learn to read and write were lynched by Jim Crowist.

Jim Crowism which began as racial pride for Europeans, eventually
evolved into european global supremacy.  European Supremacy was
legalized through national constitutions like the American constitution.
European Supremacy hence asserts europeans as the superior race and
that the Black people are the most inferior race that can only be slaves to
the europeans and other non blacks.  After the Civil War the Emancipation
Proclamation declared treating Black People as slaves was
unconstitutional. European Supremacy requires an inferior class, which it
tries to force black people into,  for its survival and so Jim Crow laws
were established as a re-wording of the European Supremacy constitution
to give a phony (popularly known as 419), deceptive public relations
impression of a change in the original constitution. European Supremacy
classifies human beings on the basis of their color with the whitest color
being considered the most superior and the darkest color being the most
inferior. This required Jim Crowism to have several subsets to cover the
shades of colors between the whitest and the darkest. That is how anti-
semitism became a subset of Jim Crowism. The Nazi’s used anti-semitism
to be the basis of killing Jews in the Gas Chambers until GOD revealed
another formula E-MC2=0 through a jewish mathematical Scientist called
Professor Albert Einstein, which was supposed to prove that the jews are
intelligent and therefore a productive group of human beings who should
be appreciated and preserved rather than gassed to death. After initial
recognition of E-MC2=0 the Nazi hardliners began a propaganda that
described the discovery as an “erroneous jew theory” in order to
characterize the discovery as worthless to the public while they were
studying it in private to build bombs with it. Einstein was considered an
enemy of the Nazi German State, which declared itself the headquarters
of european supremacy. America took advantage of the German mistake
and brought Einstein together with his formula to America, where it was
used to develop the atomic bomb that led to the fall of Germany during the
second World War.  

Nobel Foundation dragged their feet for roughly 16 years in awarding
Einstein with Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921, as a result of their being
heavily  pressured by jewish people and the public at large.

Professor George Washington Carver was an African who lived  in
America, whose scientific genius led him to develop over 325 products just
from peanuts (groundnuts) alone, which he used together with a  
revolutionary agricultural science that he discovered, to rescue the entire
south of the US from starvation in the late 1800’s. Each of those 325
products could justify his being awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry or
Biology, with a potential total earned Nobel Prizes of 325. Although
Professor George Washington Carver was a contemporary of Professor
Albert Einstein, the shade of the skin color of Professor George
Washington Carver was darker than Einstein’s, so since it was hard for
Einstein to win the prize, Carver’s darker skin color prevented him
altogether from getting any Nobel Prize at all, as a result of Jim Crowism,
instead Jim Crowism claimed “he did not care for Fame or Money”.

Professor Chinua Achebe, an African Literary Legend was blessed with
the understanding of the coming of the europeans to enforce Jim Crowism
in Africa was what made “THINGS FALL APART” in Africa, which is very
true historically, in a very brilliant literature book entitled “Things Fall
Apart”, which clearly earned him the Nobel Prize in Literature. Professor
Chinua Achebe was denied a Nobel Prize in Literature, because he
exposed the 419 coverup of the very devastating impact of Jim Crowism
on Africa. Professor Andrew J. Beard, another African who lived in
America and a contemporary of Professors Einstein and Carver,
discovered Modern Rocket Science, when he discovered that Rotating
Blades attached to a shaft can compress air and practicalized that by
creating the Rotary Engine which he received a Patent (no. 478,271) in
1892, and paved the way for Rocket Propulsion, and he earned, a Nobel
Prize in Physics, and a title of the “Father of Rocket Science”, but was
denied both honors by Jim Crowism.

The Ultimate challenge to Jim Crowism came as GOD ALMIGHTY’S
GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM Nicknamed GAGUT Gij,j=0, revealed by
GOD to Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo, another African living in America,
during the 1990 which infallibly proved that all theorems (proven truths)
and all equations past present and future originate from one invariant, Gi,
with Orthogonal components Gij and a divergence of Gij,j=0, and so
summerized all of Mathematics (defined as the study of theorems) and all
knowledge of proven Truth into one equation Gij,j=0. In a layman’s terms
Gij,j=0 has infallibly proved that all proven truths are governed by  just one
equation, with each proven truth represented by a Gij, and so earned
Professor G. Oyibo all the Nobel Prizes and other prizes in the world, like
the Abel Prizes and the Clay Mathematics Millennium Prizes, because
GAGUT has all the Gij solutions to all the Clay Mathematics Millennium
problems and all problems in all other fields. For example the GAGUT G2j.
solution has solved the Clay Mathematics Millennium problem of Riemann
Hypothesis, and has been communicated to the Clay Mathematics
Reviewers, who have not disagreed with the GAGUT revealed solution
G2j, but instead were forced to ignore it by Jim Crowism. You can see
copies of the publication of the solution G2j which are entitled 1) GAGUT
1 Number 1 November 2010 and 2) GAGUT Gij,j = 0 Radically Unifies
Mathematics and solves Riemann Hypothesis, A Clay Mathematics
Millennium Problem By Professor Gabriel A. Oyibo .

Jim Crowism is forcing the Clay Math to deny Professor G. Oyibo the
Millennium Prize for the Riemann Hypothesis, as revealed by GAGUT’s
G2j solution, in spite of the recognition of GAGUT as the Greatest
Mathematics Discovery by the Mathematicians of Goettingen University,
(where the Riemann Hypothesis  problem originated) during the Gauss
2005 celebration, You can see the recognition by Goettingen University

This is how Jim Crowism is announcing to Africans and the rest of
Humanity that it is forbidden for  Professor G. A. Oyibo, or any other
African to win the Clay Mathematics Millennium Prize, using 419 tactics.

GAGUT has also been recommended/nominated for Nobel and
Presidential Medal of Science awards by extremely distinguished
Mathematical Science Professors, from top universities like  Massachutes
Institute of Technology (MIT) and others (see  
here, here and here) and still was denied
those prizes by Jim Crowism:

GOD thus has revealed through GAGUT Gij,j=0  the secret code to and
the understanding of everything in the universe through a Black Man
named Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo, and therefore ordained him the
Greatest Genius and the most intelligent Human Being ever created, since
Intelligence is defined as an act of understanding , and since he was
blessed with the understanding of everything, Professor G. Oyibo
understands more than any other Human Being  ever created.  This is how
GOD ordained the Black Race as the most intelligent and valuable race,
since Professor G. Oyibo comes from the Black Race in 1990 thereby
destroying the basis of Jim Crowism like E-MC2=0 destroyed the basis of
anti-semitism.  Consequently what happened to Einstein due to his
discovery began to happen to Oyibo as expected. After the initial hailing of
GAGUT like Relativity the hardliners of Jim Crowism decided to label
GAGUT Gij,j=0, which is an Infallible Theorem as a pseudoscience
(pseudo scientific nigger theorem) a false propaganda to depict GAGUT
as worthless to the public, while they study it privately to make bombs with
it and hoping to bypass the discoverer Professor G. Oyibo. Unfortunately
they have been unable to understand GAGUT and are going to Russia
(see the following link to
COUNCIL)  to learn GAGUT, threatening and jeopardizing the security of
the US, as evidenced by the Russians simulated Nuclear Strike/Invasion of
the US

World War 3 : Russian Nuclear Armed Jets simulating Nuclear Strike on


and threatening Black People with very serious consequences if they try to
study or do anything with GAGUT. Thus a similar mistake made by
Germany in regards to Professor Einstein and his discovery E-MC2=0 is
being repeated by America with regards to Professor G. Oyibo and his
discovery Gij,j=0, which as expected is leading America into a huge

GAGUT has been around for roughly 23 years and Nobel Foundation is
doing everything possible to ignore it, including trying to use semantics to
cover up the recommendation/nominations  of GAGUT for the Physics
Nobel Prize by extremely credentialed and qualified Mathematical
Sciences Professors with degrees from Cambridge and other top
universities, for fears that granting Professor G. Oyibo any Nobel Prize in
Physics would seriously contradict Jim Crowism by supporting and
certifying that a Black Man has not only equaled the best european
mathematicians and physicists, but even surpassed them by solving the
Holy Grail of Mathematics and Physics. The Nobel Foundation along with
other Jim Crow organizations has continued to divert humanity’s attention
from focusing on the Nobel’s Fraud and 419 coverup activities, by refusing
to recognize GAGUT with Nobel Prizes by engaging in extensive smear
campaigns and character assassinations, many times using fraudulent
“guilt by association” techniques against Professor G. Oyibo. The Nobel
and other Jim Crow Foundations have tried to ignore the recognition of
GAGUT as the greatest Mathematics Work, and hence declaring
Professor G. Oyibo the discoverer as the Greatest Mathematics Genius
by Goettingen University, the headquarters of Mathematics before
GAGUT, which placed the GAGUT discovery as the central mathematics
work within the group of great mathematics works that were  selected to
honor Professor Carl Frederic Gauss, also call the Prince of Mathematics
during 2005, as mentioned earlier.

Clay Mathematics Institute  and Abel Prize foundation similarly are doing
everything in their power to ignore the solutions to the 7 toughest Math
Problems particularly Navier-Stokes, Yang Mills and Riemann Hypothesis
that have been provided by GAGUT as that would be very devastating to
Jim Crowism. As Horrifying as Jim Crowism’s attempt at ignoring the
GAGUT Discovery is, what is even more despicable, treacherous and
showing Jim Crowism’s high desperation is that Jim Crowism threatens
and terrorizes Black Nations and Peoples who have tried to establish
prizes for GAGUT such as the African International Prize for Science and
Technology organizers, to stop such efforts. Those unfortunate horrors of
Jim Crowism 419 and other fraudulent techniques to ignore GAGUT and
other African Discoveries and Intellectual Achievements, were luckily
discovered by the Nigerian Senate in 2004, which forced them to move
and unanimously adopt a GAGUT Senate Motion no. 151, which
recommended that Africa establish the African International Prize for
Science and Technology, and to Award the first or maiden prize to
Professor G. Oyibo for the discovery of GAGUT, on behalf of all of the
Black Race. GOD therefore used GAGUT as a tool to reveal to humanity
that Jim Crowism (not Africans) that is propagating 419 globally.

The GAGUT Senate Motion no. 151 (which can be seen
here) was
authored by Three Distinguished Senators, one from the South, Senator
Dr. Adighije, another from the middle belt, Senator Ugbane, and the third
from the far North, Senator Professor Iya Abubakar, a Mathematics
Legend, with a Ph. D in Mathematics from Cambridge University, who
himself declared GAGUT Gij,j=0, to be “Perfectly Correct” and a “Very Big
Breakthrough” discovery, consistent with Goettingen University’s
recognition of GAGUT. The Nigerian Senate’s unanimous adoption of
GAGUT Senate Motion no. 151 clearly proved that GAGUT is a very
powerful unification of the Black Race, and by extension unification all of

The GAGUT Senate Motion no. 151 has called upon  and we are re
enforcing that call on all Africans  in Africa and in the Diaspora that
constitute the Black Race, to urgently raise the minimum of 10 Million USD
to fund and complete the African International Prize that was
recommended and awarded (with a value of 2 Million USD, and their
award letter is attached
here and here) to Professor G. Oyibo and to
agree to award and fund another similar prize to Professor George
Washington Carver (with a value of 2 Million USD) and fund another similar
prize to Professor Andrew J. Beard (with a value of 2 Million USD) and
fund another similar prize to Professor Chinua Achebe (with a value of 2
Million USD) and the remaining 2 Million USD to be put into a escrow bank
account for future awards. We are also calling the Black Race to urgently
organize an International Public Review and Debate of “GOD ALMIGHTY’
S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM GAGUT Gij.j= 0, Has Revealed Proven
Solution to Riemann Hypothesis, A Clay Mathematics Millennium Problem”  
By Professor G. Oyibo, by selecting an international group of top experts
to understand, disprove or prove the GAGUT revealed solution G2j to the
Riemann Hypothesis,  so as to educate the Black Race and the General
Public regarding efforts of the members of the Black Race to the solving
of global problems, and if the G2j has resolved the Riemann Hypothesis
then award GAGUT  an equivalent Clay Math Prize amount of 1 Million
USD from the 2 Million USD in the Escrow bank account, in order to check
Jim Crowism that is going on right now within the Clay Math Institute.

You can donate generously to this fund raising by clicking on this
link, and
call us at (631)-242-3069 and e-mail us at ofappit@yahoo.com  if you
have any problems or obstructions.

We are calling on Politicians, all leaders and the rest of Humanity to rise
up and join hands with the Black Race to raise monies to fund these prizes
and to stop the disastrous third World War that is brewing currently
urgently. GOD bless you.

John Glover