GOD ALMIGHTY’S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM Nicknamed GAGUT Gij,j=0 has singled out a specific
Gij from Gij,j=0 which solved Boko Haram and other religious problems globally. See the video link
Prof G. Oyibo Successfully Proves GAGUT to Millions GAGUT During Global Series of Lectures (ABU,
Nigeria)  below

In that video GOD ordered Professor. G. Oyibo to successfully prove the infallibility of GAGUT as a
Revelation from the Almighty GOD which states that all theorems (all of reality or all things that exists
or all proven truths) and all equations originate out of one invariant Gi defined and proven to be  
GOD, with orthogonal components Gij and a divergence of Gij,j=0.

The specific Gij that solves Boko Haram and other religious problems globally was identified to be G
sub br (br = Boko Haram and other religious problems). Professor G. Oyibo was ordered by GOD to
prove to the audience that G sub br totally solves  Boko Haram and other religious problems globally
by asking the audience at 1:16:00 mark on the video a fundamental question of whether Africans had
a vocabulary for GOD prior to the arrival of Islam and Christianity to which the audience unanimously
responded with yes Africans had a vocabulary for GOD way before Islam and Christianity. That
vocabulary is Ja = jah = jo = o’jo = dgo = gi’ji = gi’ja = gi’jo = dgu = e’dgu = e’du = n’ja = n’jo = n’za = ...
. For example in lingala language in the Congo the vocabulary for GOD is N’za’mbe. Unfortunately the
word “zombie” which is derived from N’za’mbe, a word that means GOD is ironically interpreted as a
walking dead person by people who do not understand the origin of the word. In Jamaica the
Rastafarians call GOD Ja’h. In Yoruba the vocabulary for GOD  is E’dgu’mare which is often written as
E’du’mare. In Hausa language the vocabulary for GOD is Uban’gi’ji. In Igala language the vocabulary
for GOD is O’jo. In European Languages the vocabulary for GOD in English and Dutch is GO’D, while
in German the vocabulary for GOD is Go’tt. In Ibo Language the vocabulary for GOD is Chi, also
equal to Ji, while in Swahili the vocabulary for GOD is Mun’gu = Mun’dgu. The responses from the
Audience not only verified that Black People had a vocabulary for GOD way before religions that are
associated with non-blacks came into Africa, but also that the non-blacks vocabularies for GOD are
derivations of the Black Vocabulary for GOD which is Ja. This is clearly a verified deduction from
GAGUT which proves that Black People had a religion defined by Webster’s Dictionary as a belief in
GOD way before the non-black people. In addition there are no historical evidence of Africans having
religious wars, before the arrival of the non-blacks on the African Continent. It is also clear that before
the coming of the non-blacks, Black People had a common understanding of what GOD represents as
evidenced by their using one common vocabulary Ja as their name for GOD. Jihads (Islam) and
Crusades (Christianity) were invented by non blacks as religious wars and are known and recognized
as the beginning of religious wars in recent memory which were transmitted along with the spreading
of their brand of religions to other parts of the world including Africa and the African diaspora.
Although there are very credible pieces of evidence that proved the newly branded religions of the
non-blacks originated from Africa, these new religions of the non-blacks deviated in a number of ways
from the African religion. Some of the evidences that reveal their African Origin includes the following:
the most important name in  Christianity = jesus (english) = joshua (hebrew word for GOD the savior)
= jo’shoua (African Dialect of Igala word for GOD that solves our problems or GOD the savior).
Another important name in Christianity is peter (greek/latin word for stone) = pata ( Khemetic and
African Dialect of Igala word for rock or stone). Similarly in Islam the word Muhammed (arabic word for
praised, blessed or glorified with knowledge of the truth) = Ma’ha’math (African Dialect of Igala
emphasized word for blessed with the knowledge of the truth). Therefore it is clear from the responses
from the black people in this video during the GAGUT lectures coupled with the fact of the original
single African Religion apparently having been divided into two or more religions that Africans will
totally eliminate all religious wars by returning to their single African Religion which all Africans had
agreement with. The responses in that video during those GAGUT lectures clearly verify that
conclusion since the Muslims and Christians in the audience who were on the verge of religious wars
before those GAGUT Lectures were clearly agreeing with each other in their testimonies that said
Africa had one religion, which they unanimously agreed on before the coming of the non-blacks.
Unfortunately rather than allowing the GOD’S Power to reunited the Black People through GAGUT as
GOD ordered, the Nigerian and other African Governments were forced and terrorized by the non-
blacks and their agents to abandon GAGUT and replace it with Boko Haram and other religious and
non religious wars, in an attempt by the non-blacks, among other things, to stop GOD’S Order
redeclaring the Black People as the most Intelligent and Undefeatable Race and hence the GOD
Ordained leaders of the World by GOD blessing Prof. G Oyibo (a Black Man) with the ultimate
intelligence Eta sub Infinity, where Eta sub n exactly represents intelligence, and “n” the level of
intelligence which GOD designed for Prof. G. Oyibo “n” to be Infinity, hence Eta sub Infinity, Since
Black People share the same genes as Prof. G. Oyibo. All that needs to be done now by the Nigerian
and all of the Black Governments as well as religious and other warriors in the conflicts to end the
Boko Haram and other religious and non religious wars are 1) to put GAGUT back into the
Educational Curiculums as well as implement the GAGUT Senate Motion No. 151 and GAGUT Senate
Bill SB. 59, 2) show this video to every Black Person in the world, especially where there are wars
going on and 3) Presidents of Nigeria and other Black Countries together with the leaders of the
warriors need to lead their delegations to urgently attend the GAGUT Lifesaver Briefing. Please call
us at 631-242-3069. GOD bless you

John Glover