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Press Release:11/29/2015


revelation from GOD that infallibly proved that all theorems (infallible proven
truths or realities), including Riemann Hypothesis Theorem (G2j), and all
equations past present and future, originate out of one INVARIANT Gi,
proved infallibly to be GOD with orthogonal components Gij, and a divergence
(change) of Gij,j=0. Gij therefore infallibly represents GOD and the totality of
all infallibly proven truths and realities. GOD also revealed the fundamental
solutions to all those proven truths or theorems represented by Eta Sub n
(with n the level of intelligence was designed by GOD to be infinity for
Professor G. Oyibo) to Professor G. Oyibo during the 1990 and in the
process GOD revealed not only the equations but also solutions to every
problem including Riemann Hypothesis past present and future to Professor
G. Oyibo. Jim Crow used Eta Sub n, the intelligence formula revealed by GOD
through GAGUT as a tool to measure intelligence levels of Human Beings and
animals after being forced by GOD by ordaining Professor G. Oyibo, a Black
Man with Eta Sub Infinity intelligence (n the level of intelligence equal to
infinity)  to eliminate the so called European Bias (Jim Crowism) from their
experiment. The experiment confirmed the GAGUT revealed GOD ORDER,
redeclaring the Black Race as the most intelligent race with 28 intelligence
DNA Strands (Eta Sub 28 intelligence) as compared to the Non Blacks with
19 intelligence DNA Strands (Eta Sub 19 intelligence) consistant with
Professor G. Oyibo being blessed with Infinity intelligence DNA Strands (Eta
Sub Infinity intelligence)

Goettingen University, a German University founded in 1734 by a German
King of England called King August George II (great great great grandfather
of Queen Elizabeth II), after Germany colonized England commemorated the
150th anniversary of the passing of Prof. Carl Frederic Gauss also called the
prince of mathematics and considered to be one of the three greatest
mathematicians of all time in the European Society (Newton, Euler, Gauss)
during the year 2005 by selecting 52 greatest works of mathematics and
asking the world to study each of those works for each of the 52 weeks of
the year. GAGUT was the work selected to be the number 1 work to honor
Gauss, placed at week 26, the center of the commemoration/event. See the
Goettingen Ranking

To understand GAGUT Number 1 place ranking by Goetingen  lets look at
some of therunners up.

At Week 19 you will see Sir Professor Michael Atiyah (successor to Sir
Professor Isaac Newton from Cambridge University) and the 44 other Nobel
prize Award equivalents called the Field Medal Prizes were collectively
ranked inferior to GAGUT at week 19.

At Week 23 you will see Professor Fomenko who was a head of the math
dept and hence a successor to Prof. Euler who was also a head of the Math
Dept way before Fomenko within Leningrow Leningrad Moscow State
University system. Despite Prof. Fomenko being a successor to Prof. Euler
who is one of the three Greatest mathematicians in the European Society, his
work was ranked inferior to GAGUT at week 23.

At Week 24 you will see Professor David Hilbert who despite being a  
successor to Prof Gauss at Goettingen University and was considered to be
the last of the great mathematicians(who supervised and produced 69 Ph.D’s
in mathematics) his work was ranked Painfully by Goettingen to be inferior to
GAGUT at week 24.

GAGUT was placed at Week 26 the center because every theorem/ solution
to every problem has a Gij, it means also that GAGUT represents all of
mathematics/solutions of all of mathematics because mathematics
is a study of Theorems. That was confirmed by Goettingen University who
recognized GAGUT as the greatest Mathematics discovery of all time and
hence the GAGUT’s discoverer, Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo has replaced
Professor Gauss as the greatest Mathematician of all time that can never be
surpassed past present or future. That clearly showed the Germans
recognized the GAGUT equation Gij,j=0 contained the G2j solution/theorem
and the
COVER here) to the Riemann Hypothesis along with the Gij
solutions/theorems for all other problems past present and future including all
of the other Clay Mathematics Millennium Problems during the 2005 Gauss
Commemoration. Therefore if Clay Mathematics Institute understood GAGUT
like Goettingen Univerity understood it, Clay Mathematics Institute would have
simply asked GAGUT for the specific Gij's for all of their so called toughest
math problems, which have already been solved ten years before Clay
Mathematics Institute
was established by GAGUT. On the contrary rather than doing that Clay
Mathematics Institute has embarked on very fraudulent techniques to ignore
GAGUT and in the process proved themselves to be yet another self
appointed unqualified fraudulent judge of human academic excellence, like the
Nobel, Abel, King Faisal and other foundations from the Eta Sub 19
intelligence segment of the human family that lack the intelligence and
intention of Judging the academic excellence of the Black Race with an
intellence of Eta Sub 28.

Within the last 44 weeks the Clay Mathematics Institute, whose president
was invited along with the presidents of the AMS and EMS together with
some other distinguished mathematicians particularly some of the Field
Medalists from the Listing of Week 19 on the Goettingen ranking, to
participate in a more detailed global debate on the G2j solution to the
Riemann Hypothesis (2010) , collaborated with other jim crow propoganda
institutions such as BBC, CNN, Yahoo News, ABC and
other jim crow institutions to sabotage the GAGUT 25th Anniversary Briefing
on December 28, 2015, by ignoring GAGUT or trying to buy up the GAGUT
publications and trying to discourage Black People from attending the Briefing
that led to the Firebombing of the OFAPPIT Institute of Technology Facility
during which GAGUT books and Journals, Containing the G2j solution were
burned up and Stolen which seems to be related to the recent announcement
of Professor Opeyemi Enoch (nov 17, 2015) as having solved the Riemann
Hypothesis, a solution that has already been found through GAGUT in 1990
(G2j) and whose recognizion was implied through the Goettigen ranking of
2005. That announcement constitutes the Jim Crow Divide and Conquer
technique whose climax began during the Berlin Conference where jim crow
divided up the African World in order to conquer it and which was finally
abolished by GOD through GAGUT particularly during the Goettingen
Conference of 2005 commemoration of Gauss where the baton of greatest
intelligence was handed over from Gauss representing the Non Blacks to
Professor Oyibo representing the Blacks. The BBC nervously acknoledged
the Goettingen ranking of GAGUT as being superior to 44 Field medals/Nobel
Prize equivalents during a conversation with their staff on November 27 2015
which supports the deduction that Professor Opeyemi Enoch's announcement
constitutes a Divide and conquer strategy with must be destroyed by the
Black People through obeying the GOD ORDER that requires every black
person register for the GAGUT 25th Anniversary Briefing this December 28,
2015 to personally witness the GAGUT G2j solution to the Riemann
Hypothesis as one of the lifesavers of the GOD ORDER, and to erect
monuments of the GAGUT formula Gij,j=0 urgently. GOD bless you

John Glover