Over 2,000 students, staff and professors of Harvard University, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), State University of New York at Stony Brook (SUNY Stony Brook), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ( RPI) and New York University (NYU) have requested their respective administrations to invite Professor Gabriel Oyibo, the discoverer of God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) otherwise called the Unified Field Theory or The Theory of Everything to present the discovery in school-wide symposiums at their respective universities.

In making the discovery Prof. G. Oyibo has finished the work of Professor Albert Einstein, who had championed the search for this all-encompassing theory on the origin of the universe in modern times. It is considered the Holy Grail of mathematics and physics. Professor G. Oyibo formally published the discovery in 1999 and the entire world was stunned by the revelation. There was great deal of skepticism, a reaction that is consistent with and expected of such a significant discovery. The skepticism varied from outright disbelief to restricted and qualified acceptance of the discovery.

A few members of the media dared to write or broadcast anything about the discovery. Professor Oyibo was interrogated on the discovery on a national radio show, which is heard internationally and reaches about 25 million listeners. During the show, Professor Oyibo successfully answered questions from a large number of critics and other listeners, resulting in broad public confidence in the GAGUT discovery. In another radio discussion of the GAGUT discovery, which also reached about 25 million listeners, the public also had an opportunity to investigate the GAGUT discovery and that similarly resulted in more expressed ( email and comments on the radio) confidence in the GAGUT discovery.

Professor Oyibo was eventually nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics for the GAGUT discovery in which he presents the secret code to the universe, which he believes was revealed by God in the short formula, Gij, j = 0. Gij represents God to a believer, and a force field that produces power in the universe, to a scientist or a non-believer. GAGUT concludes that the essence of God is Power. Therefore, believers and non-believers, believe in the same GOD. This is another way of saying that, it isn’t just that there are no atheist in a fox hole, there are no atheist at all and therefore, we are all believers. The equation means that God does not change

Professor G. Oyibo also presented a solution to the GAGUT equation called ήn depicting all the trajectories or paths of all the motions caused by the fundamental forces of the universe, which were verified in part by the known trajectories , such as the trajectories of bodies under gravitational field, which are elliptical. It is also proven through GAGUT, that the concentrations of the force field Gij , also known as matter, has only one building block called hydrogen

The GAGUT discovery has been published in a reputable mathematics journal that has readership in the most prestigious universities. The GAGUT discovery is recognized by the American and European Mathematical Societies as well as the American Institute of Physics

The GAGUT discovery has also been recognized by over 2,000 students, staff and professors from the following schools:

1.      Harvard University (120); 2. Columbia University (300); 3. MIT( 296); 4. SUNY Stony Brook (1, 070 ); 5. RPI ( 300); 6. NYU ( 300).

“We the students and faculty, wish to express our desire to have Dr. G.A. Oyibo, Professor of Mathematics and Nobel Prize nominee, give a lecture at our campus about the discovery of the Theory of Everything ( GAGUT- for which he has been nominated for the Nobel Prize.) We feel that a lecture and discussion about the scientific and social implications of this theory would be beneficial to our school by broadening our academic and social awareness.”

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