It is for me a great pleasure and distinct privilege to be here today to deliver fraternal greetings from
the Government and people of Nigeria on this auspicious occasion of the gathering of eminent
scientists from across the world for the 2004 GAGUT Summer workshop. My presence here today
underscores the great esteem which the Federal Government of Nigeria accords one of Africa's most
eminent sons, Professor Gabriel Oyibo. President Olusegun Obasanjo and the entire Federal
Executive Council are excited about Prof Oyibo's exploits, and would want me to personally convey this
to him before the scientists and world intellectual community represented here. I have also come here
with deep emotions as a scientist and someone who has spent his entire working life as a University
Teacher and Researcher. As a son of Africa, I am particularly proud that one of our own has come up
with an earth-shaking theorem that is bound to radically transform many scientific and mathematical
theories which were hitherto held sacrosanct. As pointed out by one of the numerous commentaries on
Professor Oyibo's GAGUT theorem, Albert Einstein must be turning in his grave with pride and
satisfaction at the level to which his Law of Relativity has been taken by this eminent African scientist.
That Professor Oyibo has been re-nominated this year for the third time for the Noble Prize in Physics
is a major recognition of the profound nature of this contribution to scientific thought. I note with
satisfaction that in the course of the last four days, Professor Oyibo has been able to demonstrate to
the intellectual community the main ingredients of the God Almighty's Grand Unified Theory (GAGUT),
and has no doubt answered any questions that you may have on them. I observed from the workshop
outline that Prof Oyibo has presented his two revolutionary textbooks namely (1) Grand Unified
Theorem, Representation or the Unified Theory(wthe Theory of Everything and (2) Grand Unified
Theorem: Discovery of the Theory of Everything and the Fundamental Building Block of Quantum
Theory. I deeply regret my inability to be present and participate in the above sessions of the
momentous workshop owing to various other national and international engagements before today.
We congratulate Prof Oyibo on his Grand Unified Theorem, G i j, j = 0, which is bound to provide a new
basis for the study of science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine, especially the
understanding of the nature and cure of various diseases that have for a long time defied all attempts
at providing enduring remedies. It is instructive that Prof Oyibo's earlier works have already found
useful applications in the solution of problems such as the Navier-Stokes Equations in Mathematics,
Turbulence in Aeronautics and Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity, Astrophysics and Cosmology, to mention
but a few. We further note that Prof Oyibo's nomination for the Nobel Prize in Physics was forcefully
and authoritatively supported by no less a person than (the late) Professor Emeritus Edith Luchins,
Albert Einstein's own associate who averred that "Professor Oyibo was the first to complete the task
that intrigued and challenged Einstein and many other luminaries in science. Moreover, he did so in a
mathematically elegant manner; he is eminently qualified for the Nobel Prize in Physics." Nigeria,
indeed Africa and the entire black world, eagerly await the outcome of this latest attestation to the
superlative merits of Prof Oyibo's accomplishments and his suitability for the Nobel Prize in Physics. I
share with you and the world's scientific community the excitement of the theorem advanced by Prof
Oyibo that there actually exists only one element (hydrogen), instead of the 118 elements of the
Periodic Table which I was taught my students all these years! With this theorem, all our scientific and
mathematical textbooks have suddenly become obsolete. Our syllabi in these subjects have also been
virtually consigned to the archives, to join those of early scientists who had taught that the earth was
flat, and that the earth was the center of the universe! For me a truly refreshing aspect of GAGUT is its
use of geometric solutions to define the concept of life, the soul and spirituality, and the representation
of God as a creative as well as unifying force. I would have loved to participate in the sessions of the
workshop that explored the concept of Almighty God as Creator of the Universe, as this would be quite
illuminating for the believers and non-believers alike. We in Nigeria stand prepared to revise our
curriculum in all the Sciences to reflect the new facts made known by the Grand Unified Theorem, and
hereby call on all others to give full validity to this new theorem. Only yesterday, I was received in
audience by the Director General of UNESCO, His Excellency Mr. Koichiro Matsuura, in Paris. I had the
distinct pleasure to narrate to him Prof Oyibo's accomplishments in the area of Mathematical Physics.
He immediately extended through me to Prof Oyibo an invitation to participate in the work of the
UNESCO International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy. Furthermore, the Director
General expressed his desire to involve Prof Oyibo personally in the forthcoming celebrations of the
International Year of Physics (2005) by UNESCO. Finally, I can find no better way of concluding this
address than by reading to you the message of His Excellency, President and Commander-in-Chief,
Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR to Prof Oyibo, as I believe that this
message clearly conveys the fullness of our excitement and enthusiasm about Prof Oyibo's recent
exploits in Science.