The Website ( belongs to the Government of New York State and with webmaster “Professor” Scott Williams. That Website therefore serves the interest of the Government of New York State and by extension serves the interest of the US Governments, the same US governments that had classified the black race as a race that was only good enough to be slaves because they are considered to have very low intelligence enough to qualify them as sub-humans. This position of the US Governments has been enshrined in their constitution which was supposedly amended through the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments. These so-called amendments in their best ideals serve as a public relations programs to the US Governments. Up until the 1930's many religions institutions in the US and other parts of the world believed that black people had no souls, and preached that dogma in their places of worship. The so-called amendments have been openly criticized by many states of the US Federal system. For example the civil rights movements in the 1960's were primarily organized to challenge the opposition to the amendments in those states. Therefore the so-called amendments did not automatically change the wrong perceptions by the non-blacks and their various Governments of black people as being mentally inferior to the non-blacks. Thoses wrong perceptions by the non-blacks became integral parts of the interests of their government. The governments institutions are designed to serve the interest of those governments. The individuals employed by the government institutions are supposed to serve the governments’ interests. Therefore “Professor” Scott Williams is employed by the government to serve the interest of the government through the Government of New York State University at Buffalo. Since those interests have earlier been proved to include perceiving Black people to be mentally inferior to the non-blacks, one can see and understand the fraudulent presentations and attack on GAGUT by “Professor” Scott Williams, using a website belonging to the New York State Government University at Buffalo, as part of his job discription . GOD through GAGUT has revealed to humanity the secret code to the universe through Professor G. Oyibo and by extension through the black race. Therefore GAGUT is the greatest discovery in human history. The greatest discovery has to be associated with the greatest mind. Therefore Professor G. Oyibo has been ordained by GOD to be the greatest genius of all time, the greatest intellectual giant in human history, and the most intelligent human being ever created by GOD. This is also because the revelation by GOD to Professor G. Oyibo represented by Gij,j=0 , says that GOD or everything created by GOD is conserved within a transformation process over space and time, in a provable truth or theorem, which can not be refuted by any human being. In addition it is becuase that revelation by GOD to Professor G. Oyibo defines GOD as an absolutely infinite large space of intelligence, a definition that even the human religions and sciences never thought would be available to humanity. It is further because GOD revealed to Professor G. Oyibo through Eta Sub n, which are the solutions to Gij,j=0, the secret to how GOD actually created the universe. One is therefore led to the understanding through these revelations to Professor G. Oyibo that the black race is ordained the most intelligent, most blessed and the chosen race by GOD. Therefore the US Governments that had the wrong perceptions of the black race as being inferior to the non-black races are compelled by GAGUT to defend those wrong perceptions. “Professor” Scott Williams and others are being used by the US governments to defend those wrong perceptions through a propaganda program or scheme using a concept of ‘Truths, Lies, and Myths’, a mixed propaganda package leaving its readers, audience, or viewers totally confused, derailed, and unable to understand the truth after encountering that propaganda package. That same propaganda package and concept have been used even in some religious writings and on the so-called Scott Williams website of the New York State University at Buffalo. It is a well known so-called intelligence program used to control the masses by governments. Therefore all readers of the so-called Scott Williams website are advised to be extremely careful of being intellectually insulted, confused, or disinformed about GAGUT which is a central goal of that website. GOD bless you all.

John Glover


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